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Code of Conduct

I agree to adhere to all of the following when I am on Chain Reaction Cycling rides:

  • Have a bicycle in good working condition (gears, brakes, etc)
  • Wear a helmet whenever riding.
  • Obey all local traffic (and any bike specific laws. Chain Reaction Cycling stops at ALL stop signs and red lights.
  • Be predictable!
  • Call out the road hazards
  • No Cross-Wheeling!
  • Use hand signals (and voice signals on group rides) for turns, slowing and stopping.
  • Only pass other riders on their LEFT. When all is clear, call out “On your left” and pass with care.
  • Respect all cyclists in the group (both CRC and non-CRC riders)
  • Respect all motorists
  • Avoid all behavior that can be deemed lewd.