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Telling Stories Through Photos

Telling Stories Through Cycling

Chain Reaction Cycling Company was started by childhood best friends who have always loved sports.  We saw the opportunity to give back by starting a cycling club to get their mission accomplished.  We have always been the type of people who will cherish comradery, fellowship education, and exercising all while having fun!!

Tracy Jackson (TJack)

  • Dad
  • Duke basketball
  • Grilling
  • Movies
  • All things IT
  • Jokes
  • Cycling – Gravel
  • Cycling – Road

John Dawkins (JD)

  • Dad
  • Coding
  • Mountains
  • Night sky
  • Music
  • Investing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cycling – Road 

Chain Reaction Cycling is open to riders of all skill levels.  If you are willing to become a better rider or help others become better riders, please join us!